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My Adventure In King and Queen County Virginia

My Adventure In King and Queen County Virginia
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My Adventure in the King and Queen County vicinity of Virginia began with an invitation to an Open Metal Detecting Hunt taking place in that county. I thought to myself what a great opportunity to dig some Colonial Artifacts and possibly some Civil War Artifacts. Also hunt with one of my good friends that is very knowledgeable in that area! Just a little information about my friend… Historian, Explorer, Adventurer and Treasure Hunter! Just to give you a little information about King and Queen County Virginia it was established in 1691 and named for King William III and Queen Mary II of England. Also another interesting fact is that it's population in 1790 was larger than its population in the year now, that is pretty rare and there is only a few counties in the United States which that has happened! Meet up with my buddy Friday Morning and head to a small diner in Spotsylvania County where local Treasure Hunters and Relic Hunters are known to swap stories over breakfast. By the way does Spotsylvania County sound familiar…? (It should because that is where Stonewall Jackson was shot and mortally wounded. His left arm was amputated and he actually died a few days later from pneumonia!) While conversing at the small diner with local Relic Hunters we actually had the privilege of talking to a Legendary Treasure/Relic Hunter who has been very successful at researching and finding treasures, artifacts and relics since the 1950's! I'm not going to give any names for privacy reasons but he is a good person to know! My buddy already knew him, so when he introduced me to him he seemed excited that I was from TN! He went on to tell me some research he had done in TN and for me to check it out! If this guy tells you to check something out … you check it out but that will be another adventure coming soon! He ended up giving us a lead that was about 20 minutes from there and that is all that my friend and I needed! We ended up at a Union Civil War Camp deep into the woods and was able to explore and hunt for a few hours before having to go back. First target I dug was a Shaler Bullet ….. this is a rare bullet that was used early in the Civil War and was Invented by Ira Shaler in 1862, the three piece Shaler bullet was intended to increase hits out of the . 58 caliber rifle muskets. The 3 pieces looks like the pic and when fired they would sometimes go in 3 different directions and sometimes stay together! I also found an Eagle "A" Button ("A" stands for Artillery) which would have come off of a Union Soldier's Uniform and 2 other .58 Caliber Three Ringers which were commonly used by the Union.

​The next day Im back in the King and Queen County area for the hunt! I arrive early at the hunt and there is already around 20 something eager Treasure/Relic Hunters preparing their gear for the day! I meet up with good friend and Sales Manager of Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors Heath Jones. He instantly introduces me to ….. drum roll….. KG of the hit television show Diggers! Super cool guy and I hope to get to hunt with him some more in the future! Check out the pic and the Treasure Mountain Mobile Command Center in the background…lol! Also Ringy from the hit television show Diggers "Photo Bombed" us in the background…lol!

​Now to the hunt… We had permission on about 300 acres where numerous home sites used to sit back in the 1700's and 1800's. Ended up exploring and hunting different locations all day and found a lot of old things but nothing really interesting just yet! It had been a long 2 days and I was about to head back to the Command Center and call it a day (which happens sometimes in the Treasure Hunting World) you may go all day and find nothing… hey if it was easy everyone would be finding Treasure! Then good buddy Heath Jones says lets hit this other area which looked like it had potential. I agreed and what do you know….. I make my greatest discovery of the trip! I found an 1857 Flying Eagle One Cent! This is a rare coin folks… it was only made for 3 years 1856-1858! This coin replaced the US Large Cent and didn't last long because of the Eagle design not striking well at the mint and was replaced in 1959 by the Indian Head One Cent!

​Just to let you know how rare this coin is… The Flying Eagle One Cent Graded in a High Quality condition could fetch up to $20,000.00! This one I'm not sure of the money value but I have no intentions of selling it anyways! This is a first time find for me and honestly probably will never find another one! So, this one will be going into the Treasure Mountain Museum for everyone to enjoy! I had a great adventure and remember for all of your Treasure Hunting Equipment visit also stay tuned to our You Tube Channel for the newest videos . If you like my Adventures please feel free to subscribe to this blog! New Adventures Coming Soon!

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