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My Adventure at the Cowpens National Battlefield

My Adventure at the Cowpens National Battlefield
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​My adventure at the Cowpens National Battlefield began when I was contacted by a colleague telling me the national park service Archaeologists needed some highly skilled metal detectorists to work with them on a revolutionary war project. So, I thought …. Hmmm…. metal detecting, Archaeologists, Artifacts and Revolutionary War …. Awesome that is right up my alley, I'm in! For those who do not know I'm going to give a brief history lesson of the Battle of Cowpens. 

The Battle of Cowpens took place in South Carolina on January 17, 1781, during the Revolutionary War (1775-83), American troops under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan routed British forces under Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton. This was a major turning point for the Americans because it was the reconquest of South Carolina from the British! Both sides were about equal with the number of troops which was around 1000-1200. Even though they were closely equal in troops I think the British underestimated the American Troops. You have to realize the British were coming in strong with the first line which was the 7th Royal Fusiliers Regiment – these guys were seasoned veterans! British forces also included Dragoons – these guys could fight on horseback or foot and the 71st Fraser's Highlanders Regiment – these guys would have been equivalent in today's military as your Force Recon Special Ops Team! Now you are thinking how in the world did the British lose this battle? Wrong…. The British didn't just lose this battle they were annihilated! The Americans were deep with experienced seasoned troops consisting of numerous Battalions, Dragoons and Overmountain Men. Your probably thinking what is the Overmountain Men?..... Well the Overmountain Men were the Frontiersmen yes the mountain folks from areas like North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee! These Overmountain Men were excellent Sharpshooters and Rugged Individuals! The Americans killed, wounded or captured over 800 of the British Soldiers! The Americans only had around 100 casualties. I think the main difference between the forces was the seasoned Commanders of America overwhelming the young British Commanders. 

Back to my adventure, I arrived at Cowpens National Battlefield 8/29/2015 morning around 8:00 am to be greeted by NPS Archaeologists and other highly skilled Metal Detectorists. I was given my National Park Service Archaeology Team Member Card, which by the way even though it's a piece of paper …. I felt pretty cool with it! I grabbed my Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector and Gear from the RV and headed towards a day of digging Revolutionary War Artifacts and having the pleasure to donate my finds to the NPS and Museum…… so I thought? Think to yourself what could be better than detecting at a Revolutionary War Battlefield and recovering tons of Revolutionary War Artifacts? That's pretty up there for metal detectorists and Archaeologists for those who do not know! The NPS Archaeology Team grid detected 10 acres (yes that is detecting every inch of 10 acres) of the Battlefield….. So we thought! Here is where it gets good folks! We did not find anything out of 10 Acres of detecting on a Battlefield that was related to the Revolutionary War! Your thinking how is that good? Well this was the day that the NPS Archaeology Team rewrote History! Everything that the stories, documents, museums, etc…. thought…. was wrong pertaining to the actual area where the action took place! Due to the hard work of the NPS Archaeology team which consisted of archaeologists operating highly technical GPS devices and a handful of highly skilled Metal Detectorists we were able to determine the where the battle did not happen and actually where it did happen! Any day that you can rewrite history and help determine the actual truth for generations to come is awesome in my book! You may think otherwise but to me that is cooler than having a lot of physical finds and recoveries! I want to thank the NPS Archaeologists, Cowpens National Battlefield and the other detectorists for a great day! I met a lot of people and made some new friends and I look forward to another Adventure soon! To everyone who reads this please subscribe to for the latest Adventures of Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime! Check out our Metal Detectors at .

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