A few interesting finds that I have made in 2016 so far! In South Carolina I found a 1902 Barber Quarter with "O" Mint Mark meaning it was made in New Orleans. In Georgia I found a Masonic Token dating back to the early 1900's. In Virginia I found a rare 1857 Flying Eagle One Cent Coin... (Only Made For 3 Years), Two .58 Caliber 3 Ringers from the Civil War, Union Eagle "A" Button which was in pretty bad condition and a rare Shaler Bullet from the Civil War... (Shaler Bullets were only used in the first years of the Civil War)! 

Hello my fellow Treasure Hunters! Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman has done it once again! This is why it is important to research where the old fair grounds in your communtiy used to be. I have noticed through research and experience that Fair Grounds ranging from the 1930's to 1950's will produce the best finds.

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