My Adventure in Williamsburg, Virginia

My adventure in Williamsburg, VA began with a text message from my brother-in-law (AJ Stone) showing me an 1864 US two cent piece, Union Civil War Eagle Infantry button, a handful of round musket balls and .58 caliber Minie balls! Oh yeah… Did I mention the text message said, “Hey Bro, I found all of this within about an hour!”. AJ is an extremely skilled researcher, active duty Naval Officer, explorer and Detectorist. This text message told me he was on a hot spot. You know, one of those virgin sites with historical significance that has never been detected. Within a week I was expedition planning and on a flight to Newport News, VA!

​ Exploring an old abandoned town deep into the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Treasure Mountain Detectors featuring Explorer Ed Huffman. Check out of the video of Ed Huffman Exploring an abandoned town deep in the Smoky Mountains! Video contains Exploring, Adventure, Paranormal, History and Exciting Mountain Exploring! Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Blog for the newest videos and information.

My Adventure in the King and Queen County vicinity of Virginia began with an invitation to an Open Metal Detecting Hunt taking place in that county. I thought to myself what a great opportunity to dig some Colonial Artifacts and possibly some Civil War Artifacts.

​My adventure in the Lowcountry of South Carolina began with an invitation to attend the American Digger Magazine Lowcountry Civil War Show. Knowing the Civil War Show was Saturday, I thought what a perfect opportunity to visit one of my good friends who lives in that area!

​My adventure at the Cowpens National Battlefield began when I was contacted by a colleague telling me the national park service Archaeologists needed some highly skilled metal detectorists to work with them on a revolutionary war project.

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